Color Is Free

Seen while transporting teens
My interest in minimalism and simple living started with The Minimalists. I wish I could remember exactly how I first came across them. It may have been through their first Ted talk. Once I was exposed to the concept, I jumped in and read all that I could. There are three go to blogs that feed my soul for simple living. They are:

It seems to be common for minimalism sites to display primarily in black and white and gray. I understand the concept. Minimalist in every way. I am okay with that, but lately, it seems to be perpetuated in every aspect of minimalism I see. 

Color is free and beautiful and expressive. I want a simple life. I want less stuff and more experiences. I want more intentional relationships. I want more joy. Creativity. Peace. So many positive things that happen as a result of focusing on the things that matter. And in all of that I want as much big bold color as I can get. So, it won't be all black and white and gray here. 

It will be a minimalist life with maximalist (is that a real word!?) color. Those two can happily live in harmony together.

Sunset on the drive home

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